B&B Biribino, Monastery Guest House


Walking or mountain biking along the Tiber


The Tevere river route passes near the Biribino farmhouse and winds on a twenty kilometer journey from the bridge over the Tiber to Città di Castello where it is located the nautical center of the Canoa Club of Città di Castello and where it is possible to carry out descended under the guidance of experienced canoeists. The path along the river is quite agile, suitable for all ages and has no particular difficulty; in various parts the path is shaded. From the starting point, the bridge over the Tiber, you can see the group of towers and bell towers of the old town and the ancient walls that delimit the perimeter. Along the way you can see the villages of Lerchi, Piosina, Jove; arrived at Selci, near the sports field, a sign indicates another path that leads along the “Plinio Route”, which ends in Pitigliano. Continuing along the river you reach the bridge over the Tiber near the village of Pistrino where the trail ends; From here you continue along the provincial road to San Giustino where you can see the shape of the ancient Bufalini Castle. Taking in the direction of Celalba you return to Pitigliano where you will find the remains of the ancient villa of Plinio il Giovane; from here you can take the “Plinio Route” that goes along the Tiber or you reach the village of Lama, then continue along the “pedemontana” where you meet Grumale and Badiali with their ancient pievi. Once you arrive near the complex that houses the city hospital, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and the surrounding hills, you will return, going on via Angelini before and for Bologna Avenue then, in the historic center of the city.


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